Integrative Healing!
Yoga and iRest Meditation for Post Traumatic Growth
Ancient Yoga practice, retro-fitted for the modern world
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Welcome to LifeBreath

Meet Lillian Lennox, LMHC

Welcome to LifeBreath

Meet Lillian Lennox, LMHC

We are pleased that you have chosen to explore what we have to offer. We offer a confidential, safe, supportive and compassionate environment to gain insight into complex problems while strengthening resources along a path of healing, recovery and integration.

The LifeBreath Training brings contemporary psychology and complementary and alternative (CAM) approaches together while drawing on advances in the neurobiology of stress injury and trauma. Through yoga, meditation and consciousness-based practices, this deeply-rooted mind, body approach assist on the path of healing, recovery and integration.


We Offer

LifeBreath Retreat

Are you in need of relief from psychological stress?


Integrative approach to preventing and healing psychological stress


Meditation practice based on the ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra and adapted to suit the conditions of modern life

Liberation Yoga

Sivananda Yoga is a classical and holistic approach to Hatha Yoga that stretches and tones the whole body

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