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“I signed up to work with Lillian because I was in a space of utter torment. It was a point where being present caused me to be fearful and in complete panic. The attacks were frequent: my heart hurt and raced out of control. As a result of iRest work with Lillian, I am able to recognize triggers more quickly and understand why I am feeling anxious or fearful. When faced with a stressful situation, I am able to calm down my nervous system and be present with the emotions that come. My bodily reactions are no longer controlling my mind and my senses are wide open. I will be forever grateful for her guidance and support.”

– Michael, Client
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Workshop Training

“Your Trauma Sensitivity training did indeed help our staff! To start, we all had a lot more confidence going into this Crew season with a firm plan in place for reporting any sources of concern around youth safety. We updated our staff manual to reflect the new procedures that we had learned from your workshop. We had a significant past trauma revealed to us, regarding forced childhood involvement in a drug gang, and your motivational interviewing/reflective listening handout was very useful in guiding us in how to talk through this trauma with him.”

– A Social Justice Not-For-Profit, Pittsfield, MA
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“I actually feel free from the prison of my mind, removing the feeling like there is something wrong with me. It brings mental, physical and spiritual calmness that you have to have in the very fast paced chaotic life that is the U.S. Army. I’ve noticed a sharper mental clarity and I’m able to relax myself faster to relieve stress (that is) both mental and physical.”

– Jon, OEF Vet
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Trauma Treatment

“Lillian has been my emotional and psychological resource for PTSD and depression recovery, providing stability, insight and understanding of my life’s directions – past, present and future. She keeps me grounded so I can “walk on” in life, safely and peacefully. With Lillian, there’s dialogue and conversation – no lectures, no judgment, no criticism. There’s meaningful reflection through open communication and support. Incorporating mindfulness, iRest, breathing and Eastern philosophy, Lillian offers guidance and instruction utilizing my inner strengths to direct me on a better path to wellness.”

– James, Air Force Veteran
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“I found the Yoga Nidra very useful in everyday life. Overall I think Yoga Nidra is the best program I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in. It has helped me physically, spiritually & mentally. I’ve learned techniques that I will use for the rest of my life. I would recommend Yoga Nidra to anyone from any walks of life or social class. I really truly hope that Yoga Nidra will become a main stay of the main stream military.”

– Vince, OIF Active Duty Soldier
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“This [iRest Meditation] is the piece that was missing from the PTSD program. It fits with everything else they teach us, but it also teaches us a way to find our own peace without drugs or counseling that we can use once we get out of the program. It is the one thing I know I’m going to keep doing when I leave.”

– Martin, Vietnam Vet

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