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LIFEBREATH: An Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra iRest Immersion Training

September 18 @ 2:00 pm - September 20 @ 5:00 pm


LIFEBREATH: An Integrative Restoration Yoga Nidra iRest Immersion Training

Date: 9/18/20 – 10/2/20

Facilitators: Lillian Iswari Lennox LMHC, C-iRest, ERYT 500

Wes Rama Wolter LCMHC, LADC, RYT200

This is a 3 Day on-site training immersion located at:

Milldale Farm Center For Wellness

1461 Bloodbrook Rd

Fairlee, VT 05045

Date: Friday, September 18, 2020 – Sunday, October 20, 2020

Online Registration required prior to training

LifeBreath: Objectives of Training

Participants will gain a basic understanding of the foundational teachings, fundamental principles and 10 steps of iRest.

Participants will acquire personal experience with iRest.

Participants will learn basic competency delivering iRest to groups

You will learn basic competency delivering iRest in one-on-one sessions

About the iRest Training

The iRes Training is the first step toward mastering iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation. During this training you will learn the basic principles, history, theory, practice, and delivery of iRest. Most importantly, you will learn the simple 10 Step iRest Protocol and how to incorporate it into your personal life, professional teaching, or clinical practice.

The 10 Step iRest Protocol is a series of techniques based in Yoga Nidra that is simple to learn and easy to do. It is designed to help you meet and greet each moment of your life with a sense of equanimity and balance. This special protocol has use in various settings, including yoga environments, physical therapy, massage therapy, social work, clinical and medical establishments, alternative or integrative medical practices, as well as in-job training and job resiliency programs. The iRest Level 1 Training is your foothold to mastering The 10 Step iRest Protocol in any setting – both personal and professional.

Goals of the iRest Training

The iRest Level 1 Training gives you the tools you need to incorporate iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation into your life. It suits those looking to enhance their personal meditation practice and those looking to include a new offering into their professional work.

You begin the training with an in-depth understanding of the history and theory of iRest, specifically the evidence-based research showing the efficacy of iRest and its use for different psycho-physical issues and populations, iRest within the context of meditation, the teacher-student relationship, and the Eastern and Western psycho-spiritual perspectives that form the path of meditation and iRest. This training prioritizes a hands-on and experiential approach to learning.

During this training, you will learn to deliver iRest to both groups and individuals. You will have the opportunity to participate in group lectures and peer-to-peer discussions and participate in multiple iRest experiential group and one-on-one practice sessions. Equally, you will learn how to use iRest in your daily life and personal meditation practice. The iRest Level 1 Training offers you the ability to fully integrate the iRest 10 Step Protocol into all areas of your life.

Required Reading and Listening


The 10 Step iRest Protocol

iRest is a contemporary form of meditative self-inquiry that has been adapted from the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra into a 10 step framework which is simple to learn and easy to practice.

Listed below are the 10 steps of iRest which are techniques for systematically investigating the nature of reality, who you are, or who you take yourself to be. They can help you meet and greet each moment of your life with a sense of equanimity and balance, no matter what challenges you face.

It’s best to learn iRest by practicing it. You can either use an audio recording, attend an iRest event or find a local class. The best approach is to practice iRest, little and often.

The iRest Protocol is designed to be highly flexible, so it can be adapted by each person or teacher. The 10 steps can be used together, as part of a complete iRest practice, or they can be practiced in shorter sections. It’s important to include the first 3 steps of the protocol in every iRest session. The first 5 steps are ideal and usually sufficient for beginners, while the remaining steps can be added on as you become more experienced.

The 10 Steps of iRest

  1. Connect to Your Heartfelt Desire. Bring to mind your heart’s deepest desire. Something that you want more than anything else in life that instills a sense of value, purpose, and meaning. Consider how does life want to live through you? Perhaps it is a desire for health, compassion, well-being, or awakening. Feel this heartfelt desire with you entire body while imaging and experiencing it in this moment as if it were true.
  2. Set an Intention. Reflect on your intention for your practice today. It might be to relax and rest, or to inquire into a particular sensation, emotion, or belief. Or, you may select on intentions that will support living your heartfelt desire in everyday life. Whatever your intention, welcome and affirm it with you entire body and mind.
  3. Find Your Inner Resource. Bring attention to your Inner Resource, a safe haven within your body where you experience a feeling of security, cal, and well-being. How and where to you feel this in your body? If helpful, you may imagine a special place, person, or experience that helps you feel secure, at ease, and a sense of well-being. Feel into your Inner Resource at any time during your practice or in daily life even when you feel overwhelmed by an emotion, thought, or life circumstance and wish to feel secure and at ease.
  4. Feel your Body. Gradually move attention through your body while welcoming the various sensations that arise.
  5. Become Aware of Your Breath. Sense the body breathing. Observe the natural flow of air in the nostrils, throat, and rib cage as well as the rise and fall of the abdomen with each breath. Feel each breath as flowing streams of energy coursing throughout your entire body.
  6. Welcome Your Emotions. Without judging or trying to change anything, welcoming sensations and emotions that are present in your body and mind. Also notice opposite feelings and emotions. Sense both opposites simultaneously. Welcome everything just as it is.
  7. Witness Your Thoughts. Notice and welcome thoughts, memories, and images that are present in your mind. Without judging or trying to change them, observe any thought, memory, or images and notice corresponding sensation in your body. Welcome your experience just as it is.
  8. Experience Joy. Welcome sensations of joy, well-being or bliss emanating from your heart or belly and moving throughout your body and into the space around you. With every exhalation, experience sensations of warmth, joy and well-being radiating throughout your body.
  9. Find Lasting Peace. Set aside thinking and dissolve into Awareness, awake and conscious of the Self.
  10. Reflect on Your Practice. As you complete your practice, reflect on the journey you’ve just taken. Recognize the feeling of peace that is always present. Integrate this into your everyday life, in both pleasant and difficult moments.

About the LifeBreath Training: Overall Purpose

Stress is one of the greatest challenges for people and may create difficulties that profoundly impact our connection with self and others. Stress ‘managed’ can be a source of motivation, deep creativity and change. Stress ‘unmanaged’ can be catastrophic.

Because chronic or overwhelming stress can disrupt every physiological function and contributes in significant ways to acute and chronic psychological and physical disorder including heart disease, immune disorders, pain syndromes, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and addictions.

“Chronic stress has been linked to the six leading causes of death in America: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, substance abuse, gambling and suicide.” – American Psychological Association

“Stress is the underlying cause of 60% of all human illness and disease.” – American Institute of Stress.

LifeBreath offers a two-part evidence-based curriculum. Acquire skills and resources to increase resilience and protect against compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, burnout and post-traumatic injury. The second curriculum: To increase knowledge and resources to bring contemporary psychology, Vedanta psychology, yoga and iRest meditation based resources to your clients in a way that is safe, effective, and relevant.

LifeBreath is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for specialized traditional and CAM-based, trauma-informed clinicians and instructors.

LifeBreath is specifically designed to meet the growing demand for specialized, traditional and CAM (complimentary and alternative) based stress management, resilience and performance based trainings that are safe, effective, and relevant.

For more information on the LifeBreath Training please visit:



Lillian ‘Iswari’ Lennox, LMHC, C-iRest®, E-RYT 500 was born in Leicester, England and lived in Sydney, Australia for a number of years before settling in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. An adventurer on land and sea she was called at a young age to understand the path of healing from severe psychological trauma. With an MA in Counseling Psychology and a private practice in Lenox, Massachusetts, she has specialized in bringing traditional, complimentary and alternative (CAM) approaches to assist in the prevention and treatment of complex stress injuries including vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, burn-out and PTSD experienced in high stress military and civilian occupations.

A graduate of the International Trauma Studies Program at Columbia University, Lillian is also trained in interventions and preventions that promote the resilience, mental, social health and integration of individuals, families and communities who have endured catastrophic psychosocial trauma. She is currently a member of the Western Massachusetts Critical Incident Stress Management Team. Her LifeBreath and Liberation Yoga programs are rooted in the deep belief that we are here to help and learn from each other, as well as from the natural world. Reflecting the integrative and interdisciplinary quality of her treatments and programs, Lillian is a Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra Teacher, a Sivananda Advanced Yoga Teacher E-RYT500 and a Certified Level II EMDR practitioner.

Wes Rama Wolter LCMHC, LADC, RYT200

The LifeBreath Teams strengths are found in their deep belief that we are here to help and learn from each other and all beings. We deeply believe that yogic practices, love, humor and community connection will restore us to balance.


September 18 @ 2:00 pm
September 20 @ 5:00 pm


Milldale Farm Center for Wellness
1461 Blood Brook Road
Fairlee, VT 05045 United States
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(413) 446 9541